Thanks to lead gen by mcmdigital, I no longer feel that sales is a business that I shouldn’t be in. I spent a couple of years doing the old way of generating leads and it was awful. Sitting around in a room with a list of names and a phone trying to drum up sales is just not a good way of doing business these days. My success rate was terrible and the boss spent most of his time chewing everybody out because we weren’t making any connections. I thought about quitting until a friend at another business gave me an excellent suggestion.

He talked about a lead generator that turned his business around overnight. They literally went from barely making it to having sales that went through the roof. This generator uses current technology to find digital solutions to generating leads. After talking my boss into taking a look at it, he decided to give it a shot and see if it worked for his company. Boy did it ever! Everyone in the office saw immediate improvement in their sales thanks to this nifty program. Even some of the old timers who were barely getting by managed to benefit.

Needless to say the boss went through the roof with delight. He was so happy with my suggesting this program that there is serious talk around the office of making me the sales manager. That’s great and everything, but I must say that I would actually like to stay on the floor so I can keep using the lead generator. I’ve made so much money in commissions that I feel like taking the promotion would make a serious dent in my income! It’s that good of a program, and really you want to make a lot of money if you are in sales.