This friend of mine was telling me about this stuff and so I have been looking around on the web for some reviews on forskolin to see if it is really worth the effort. I have been thinking about the big picture and how I am getting older and flabbier, so I think that it would be fine with me if it was going to work. I am going to trying to be a fitter and lighter version of myself and so I looked around to see if this is something that could help. It is a serious thing if you really do not want to be unfit, but I know that there is not really an easy way to get where it is that I want to go. You have to do more than diet and exercise, in fact you have to change the way that you live your life. In time you can do anything that you want to do, but only if you stick to it and if you are disciplined.

This stuff actually has some evidence to support the claims, but the web page that I looked at made it obvious that the study supporting it was quite small. It said that some men were taking 250 mg twice a day and others took a placebo. They had some weight loss and some increase in testosterone. Of course the second thing is supposed to make you feel younger and that is a huge thing if you are a man my age. Obviously when you are a young man you are probably not as wise as you become, but you always feel like you can whip your weight in tigers. It is a serious thing if you want to be a lot healthier and fitter than you are.