I have been eating healthy nuts for a long time. I have not eaten meat in years, and my cholesterol is great. I stopped eating meat when it got high enough that the doctor wanted to put me on a medication. It dropped fast, and now is well below 200. The other lipids and triglycerides are also in the normal range. I like peanuts a lot, and I like the taste of pistachios. However, I never liked walnuts except in salads. I could not stand their earthy taste. However, now I buy walnuts online that taste really great. They are dehydrated and mixed with ginger to impart a great taste. I enjoy them as a snack and I still enjoy them in salads. I actually like these ones better in my salads because of the flavor.

I like summer salads that are a mix of lettuce and other greens along with blueberries and cheese with croutons and walnuts. It is very tasty with my favorite dressing. I can make a meal out of a salad like that. I make one to bring to work with me many days per month. I get my protein, oils and fats from the walnuts, cheese and dressing. I get my greens from all the salad fixings. I like the crunch of the walnuts and the crunch of the croutons. It makes for a very satisfying lunch or even dinner. Plus, I can add all the greens I like to be able to fill up and not have to worry about the calories.

The ginger flavor with these dehydrated walnuts is really good. I do not like the taste of walnuts by themselves, but this makes them tasty to me. I buy walnuts online from a company in Canada that takes a week to dehydrate and produce each batch. The walnuts are surprisingly affordable prepared like this, especially since regular plain walnuts are so expensive in stores. This company uses California walnuts in their products.